About us

The Wellcum Sauna Club is the largest FKK sauna club in Austria, born with the aim of satisfying customers' desires by ensuring high-quality standards from all perspectives, especially in terms of hygiene and health.

With its over 7,000 square meters, our center is unique in its kind, as in the same place we offer an FKK club, a SPA wellness center, a bar, a buffet restaurant and a partner hotel with 43 rooms divided between singles, doubles and triple suites. Our absolute priority is customer satisfaction, which we guarantee with a team of 60 people: chefs, bartenders, receptionists, cleaning staff and other specialized figures who work every day to ensure the highest quality. The reception staff, trained and friendly, communicates with customers in German, Italian, English, Slovenian, Russian, Ukrainian and Spanish and is always available to provide assistance, information and advice to make the best experience within the Club.

The pleasures of Wellcum Club never end

Hourly rooms

In the same structure as the club

Bar & Restaurant

The area to get to know each other

VIP Room

Private entrance